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What is Debt Review?

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Debt review benefits

How does debt review work? Debt review or debt counselling refers to a process which is supported by law – The National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005. The intention of the law is to help consumers who find it difficult to repay their debts and still be able to provide for their own and/or family’s financial needs on a monthly basis.

Because it is a law – consumers who apply for debt review can rest assured that they are following a legal process which supports them and protects them against possible legal action from creditors.

Become debt-free and put an end to sleepless nights and harassing phone calls by your credit providers.

All harassing phone calls and payment demands will stop immediately – no more sleepless nights

Once under debt review, your creditors cannot take legal action against you

It protects your assets like your house or car from being re-possessed

It allows you to repay the debt in a manageable and affordable way

Existing debit orders from your creditors on your account, are cancelled

It allows you to make one consolidated payment every month – no longer do you need to pay each creditor individually

The debt counselling/debt review process will help get your life back on track by giving you control over your finances again

Debt review works because we find a solution which is calculated in accordance with your personal situation

Step 1.

Complete the Personal Information Form as provided below


Step 2.

Supply us with a comprehensive list of all the Creditors you have as per the supplied form. Please note you have to include all creditors – do not leave anyone out no matter how small the amount you owe them.


Step 3.

Provide us with your monthly expenses – Budget.
Use the attached form to assist you with this process

Step 4.

Sign the Letter of Consent. This allows us to ask your creditors for all the relevant information regarding the credit agreement/s with them.

Step 5.

- Provide us with copies of your ID and that of your Spouse if applicable

- Provide us with 3 most recent copies of your payslip and that of your Spouse if applicable.

Step 6.

Lastly you need to complete the debt review application for, which you can download below.

The Debt Review Plan

Get your debt-free process started in only 6 simple steps !

Still feeling unsure about taking this very big step?

Financial Tips & Strategies

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Legal Advice

Debt Close also has an in-house legal team which is involved with the debt counselling process from start to finish.

We offer a wide selection of legal services to help you find the best possible legal route in solving matters efficiently.

Don’t be kept in the dark when it comes to legal matters. Know your rights!


Complete a personal information form.


Supply us with a comprehensive list of all the creditors you have.


Provide us with your monthly expenses.


Sign the Letter of Consent. 


- Provide us with a copy of your ID.


Lastly, complete a debt review application form.

The Easy 6 Step Debt Review Plan
Get a debt-free process started in only 6 simple steps!

Once the process is started we are able to assist with the struggle of debt immediately, as we contact your Credit Providers and negotiate new affordable re-payment terms. You will only pay one amount and no longer have to pay individual accounts.